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Dental implants are essentially substitutes for a missing tooth root. When you are missing a tooth or end up needing to extract a tooth, a good option to replace it is a dental implant. It is basically a titanium alloy that is biocompatible with your own bone and will be a substitute for the root. On top of this implant goes something called an abutment, which is the connection between the implant and what you will see and use to eat, the crown. Dental implant treatments have been around for many years and have high success rates.

Perfect Smile

Why do you need them?

  • Make eating easier

  • Improve unsightly gaps in your smile

  • No need to wear denture adhesives as your dentures can snap into them or even be completely fixed

  • Increased comfort

  • Do not alter surrounding teeth

Whats the process?

  • The first step is always a consult to determine if there is adequate bone volume and spacing. We also discuss your medical history and take the appropriate radiographs and 3D scans to provide a detailed analysis of the situation before rendering treatment.

  • After the initial consult we can set an appointment for the next step which will usually involve placing the implant but may also involve grafting if there is insufficient bone for placement.

  • After the implants are integrated, usually from 3-6 months, new teeth can be designed and placed.

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