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With the emergence of many clear aligner companies out there, Invisalign remains the industry leader. A clear tray that basically goes unnoticed, Invisalign should be worn for 20-22 hours a day. There are little clear “buttons” that will be placed on certain teeth to help aid the movement of the teeth. The trays are usually switched out every 2 weeks. The average case can be around 12-14 months but often times it is faster.





In the before you will see that the teeth are too long, the gums too exposed and overall asymmetry with where the teeth lay within the smile and lips is off as compared to after invisalign and minimal recontouring of the teeth 


Why do you need it?

  • Straighten your teeth virtually unnoticeably

  • Close spaces

  • Alleviate crowding

  • Increased comfort compared to traditional braces




Notice how protruded teeth can be brought in and close up spaces between the top and bottom teeth thru invisalign

What is the process?

The first visit will involve a smile assessment and a 3D scan of your teeth. A proposal will be sent back to us on the movements and timing of your treatment. This will usually need to be modified and perfected by Dr. Armen. Then we will sit down, view and approve the proposal together or ask for a modification if we choose to.

After this appointment you will come back for the clear “buttons” to be placed and the first set of aligners to be delivered to you. In the beginning you will come more often to make sure the aligners are “tracking” or gripping the way they are supposed to. Eventually you will be able to have 4-6 sets of aligners given to you at a time, which means you’ll be coming once every other month.

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