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With the emergence of many clear aligner companies out there, Invisalign remains the industry leader. A clear tray that basically goes unnoticed, Invisalign should be worn for 20-22 hours a day. There are little clear “buttons” that will be placed on certain teeth to help aid the movement of the teeth. The trays are usually switched out every 2 weeks. The average case can be around 4-6 months.


Teeth straightening



In the before you will see that the two front teeth had a large gap and were severely rotated to the sides. In addition the smile was narrow and the lower teeth were crowded. All these issues were addressed with Invisalign and bonding.


Why do you need it?

  • Straighten your teeth virtually unnoticeably

  • Close spaces

  • Alleviate crowding

  • Increased comfort compared to traditional braces





Notice how protruded teeth can be brought in and rotated teeth can be straightened thru invisalign

What is the process?

Visit 1: Intramural Scans of your teeth, radiographs, professional photographs, plan. 

Visit 2: Zoom meeting so you can see what your final outcome will look at, discuss the time your treatment will take, and ask any questions or for changes in the plan.

Visit 3: Place attachments and deliver Invisalign trays. 

Visits 4-on: Depending on how many trays you have there will be a certain number of appointments to track your progress. 

Last Visit: Remove attachments and scan for permanent retainers to keep your teeth perfect for years to come. 

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